>We typically start with an assessment of how you currently do business. We break down the layers listed below down to two groups. One is the “As-Is” group where we document how things are happening now. The other is a “As-To-Be” group where we document how things will be.

Those layers are:

-       Business

-       Work Processes

-       Data and Documents

-       Applications

-       Infrastructure

-       Support

The initial assessment can  be a standalone assignment as input for a knowledge sharing strategy too. You will be surprised at how much we  cover in a short time!


The ORGBINDER APP is built on the priciples of dynamism and scalability. It enables us to archive a very precise customization within the two areas that matter the most—roles & responsibilities and input content & output templates.

-      Roles and responsibilities are  defined in the startup assessment. They are tailored to fit the platform in order to make it easy for your employees and partners to access it.

-      Input content and output templates are also defined in the initial assessment and are specifically  setup to fit your work processes.



Considerations in regards to the communication needs to be made. For any changes and improvements to work, a communication strategy is a must. We provide communication plans and content for the following target groups:

-       Executive and senior management to get the right support and buy in.

-       Super users and early adopters who will be the first advocates of the platform.

-       All other users with focus on guidance and explanations

We have examples of all types of communication material in both, text and video format, that will be customized for your needs.



The first weeks of using a new platform are very important. We provide intensive support, help with data entry and are there to make any adjustments needed to the communication plan. In short, we’re there till you’ve worked out all the issues in the system.


We don’t believe in ending our partnership once the platform has been implemented. We provide long term support to all our clients and customers.
Our 24/7 helpdesk is always available to answer any questions you may have. In addition, we also:

-       Customize and improve the application

-       Handle additional data import

-       Proof read

In case you don’t have the time or resources, we can:

-       Provide data maintenance

-       Help keep the platform running at optimum level

We provide all this support personally, through phone, mail, live chat and tutorials.



You might have noticed that we don’t talk about you needing extra technology or resources. That’s because we take care of it all.
Our clients don’t need to allocate additional resources or hardware to install or run our platform. We do it all for them.



We pride ourselves on the security of our solutions and provide the best possible protection for your data from both—lost and non-user access.
Should you choose to stop using our platform, we export all your data for you in a format that can easily be imported into any other system your use after ours.