Project description:

NNE Pharmaplan needed global transparency in their experts sales CV’s and their Projects references, for use in sales and marketing. The solution needed to be simple to use, easy to maintain and accessible all across the world.

Orgbinder Services:

Concept development, Platform development, Sales and Marketing Process optimisation, platform and process implementation.


NNE Pharmaplan is an engineering company that develop, build and improve pharmaceutical and biotech facilities across the globe. Our challenge is that we operate in 12 countries, 25 offices but our expertise is not bound to a location.

 Customer references:

“We have been using the Orgbinder solution globally for the past 4 years. It is a reliable and user friendly platform that has easily been adopted by our employees. It is the first global solution providing real transparency of resources, competencies and not least projects globally. The Orgbinder team has demonstrated a very good understanding of our specific needs, they suggest ideas we had not yet clearly identified, make implementation easily and we work closely on continuous improvement. In general, the platform gives us an in depth insight in to our resources (close to 1900) and projects (presently 280, but after the newest version rapidly increasing), a task that would be otherwise difficult to achieve. Overall, I am very satisfied with Orgbinder – both in terms of solutions and the team we are working with.”

- Kristine Løschenkohl Albrechtsen, Head of Global Proposal Management, NNE Pharmaplan, November 13, 2012


- Ole Spang-Hanssen, Vice President Sales, NNE Pharmaplan
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