We believe that companies who impart knowledge with their product can increase their customer and employee satisfaction and ultimately their bottom line, by focusing on internal transparency and awareness of how they are networked.



Our mission is simple. We want to help knowledge based companies understand their company’s biggest assets—their employees—better so that they can use their talent for maximum results.

For more than five years, we’ve helped knowledge based companies:

  • Understand the skills of their employees, who they have employed.
  • Describe what projects they have done.
  • Visualize where they have the skill and references located.

We call all that the “Who, What, and Where” part of our concept.

When companies have a good overview of the past, planning for the future becomes easier and more efficient by using the network they have established.

We call that the Marketplace.

When you combine the “Who, What, Where” part of our platform with the Marketplace then you get our SaaS based Orgbinder app.


Rasmus Clarck Sørensen

Owner & Project Manager

Mail: Racs@orgbinder.com

Call: (+45) 2016 2514

Linkedin: Profile

Guillermo Castelló

Cloud Architect

Mail: gcg@orgbinder.com